Shiawassee Shores
Wildlife totem in Linden
This tree carving has a
hawk at the top in a nest
An owl in a knothole 2
squirrels sitting on limbs
A doe with a fawn curled
up under her
The stump carving has
flowers and 2 cardinals
Chainsaw carving on site
in a still rooted tree stump  
,this one is Red Oak
A fawn standing in front
of the doe , there is a
raccoon on a limb
Here you can see the hawk
in a nest , 2 squirrels ,
raccoon , fawn under rocks
and tail of the fox
The raccoon is more
visible along with the fox
on rocks and fawn and
rabbit nose to nose
Front view of raccoon ,
more of the fox , bunny and
fawn and a turtle
Front view of raccoon and
fox, side view of turtle ,
flowers and rocks
Front view of fox ,
raccoon peaking around
tree , owl in the knothole
, cardinals
Better view of owl in
knothole , birds on the
flowers , fawn curled up on
ground , side view of hawk
in nest at the top
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