Welcome to chainsawcarver.net where I will be displaying some of my
chainsaw carvings , the commissioned orders as well as tree carvings also
called stump carvings or tree carvings , please be patient as I build this site
because I am quite busy chainsaw carving also.
I hope to add step by step chainsaw carvings as time permits.
On Site Stump Carving

Also called Tree Carving and tree stump carving , as I
am sure you have figured out
I come to your location to carve a still rooted tree stump
1. When you contact me just give me the
measurement around the outside at waist height ,
2.The actual measured height of the stump after the
tree service has been there,
The kind of tree it was if you know
4.What it is you would like me to carve it into,
forward pictures if you have them.
5.I will need your location (city , state)
I can then give you an estimate
on cost as well as expected time it will take to carve
and my availability.
Rabbit chainsaw carving
Fairs , Festivals , Events , Grand Openings and
See what a Chainsaw Carver can do to increase
revenue for your event
Call 8am - 8pm Eastern
Daylight Time
Painted blue jay chainsaw carving
Blue Jay chainsaw carving ,
100% chainsaw , quick carve
demonstration , painted , white
, blue , black
Hooded Monk chainsaw sculpture
Chainsaw carved faces
Tiki totem for Trader Vic's
Tiki Totem chainsaw
for Florida's newest Trader
Gator chainsaw carving
Gator chainsaw carving , carved
for scholarship fund raiser
Sitting Pig chainsaw carving
Sitting Pig chainsaw
Totem Pole in progress
Totem Pole chainsaw
carving in progress
Neptune chainsaw carving
Neptune Chainsaw
sculpture , Custom order ,
made from Florida pine
Tawas City Totem Pole
Tawas Michigan totem pole
Tree sculpture
Wildlife Totem Pole
Pentwater Michigan
Totem Pole
Pentwater Michigan Tree Sculpture
Pentwater Michigan Tree Sculpture
Crazy Beaver chainsaw carving
Crazy Beaver wood carving
Bear chainsaw stump carving
Bear tree stump carving in Owosso Michigan
Sandhill Crane wood sculpture from Michigan chainsaw carver Jim Barnes
Sandhill Crane wood
sculpture made Red Oak and
mounted in Brighton Michigan
chainsaw sculpture baseball player
Chainsaw carving of boy
baseball player
Wildlife Totem in Linden
Waterfowl Montage Totem in
Brighton Michigan